Auralink Support: Address Book

The address book includes VMR members and resources created by your accounts’ administrator. From here you can initiate Auralink calls and add members/resources to your speed dial list.

Contact Method - The primary contact method for each member/resource is shown (if not Auralink)

Check box - You can initiate a video meeting by checking the box for one or more members/resources then selecting the Call to My Meeting Room icon. This will start a meeting in your VMR and send invitations to those selected. For invitees who are logged in to Auralink (green indicator), a pop-up will appear in their active browser indicating you are inviting them to a meeting.

For invitees not logged in to Auralink (grey indicator), an e-mail will be sent inviting them to the meeting.

+/- - Using the + and – indicators, you can add or remove members/resources to your speed dial list. (Link to home page)

Presence Indicator - If the presence indicator is green, that member or resource is logged in and active on Auralink. If the indicator is red, the member/resource is engaged in an Auralink call.

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