Quick Start Guide for Administrators

As an administrator you have access to additional tools to manage your Auralink users and resources. This guide provides an overview of your most likely administrative tasks.

Initial Login

You have received an auto-generated email with your temporary login credentials based on your email address. Follow the link in the email and login to Auralink. You will have the opportunity to create a new username/password. The home screen is your speed dial list (which will be empty initially).

Adding/Editing Users

As an admin, you have the ability to add and manage users for your account. Go to the Administration tab to begin adding users.

Complete the fields for each new user (field details below) and select “save changes”. This will send an email from support@auralink.com to the new user with temporary login credentials.

New User Fields:

Tenant Your organization name (pre-populated).
Username This is used to identify the user and must be unique. Usernames cannot be changed once they are set.
Display Name Name of user to be displayed.
Primary email The user's main email address. This is used to notify the user of password resets and missed meeting invitations.
Secondary email The user may have an optional secondary email address. This address will be copied on any messages going to the primary address.
Role Select either user or administrator.
Contact Methods The default contact method is Auralink. Other contact methods include Skype/Lync, SIP and H323. The ability to select alternate contact methods is not yet available, but will be added in a future release.

Note that the Username, Display Name, Primary Email, and Secondary Email fields cannot contain the following special characters:

Editing Users:

Once you have added new users to your account, they will appear in the user list and be available for editing. You may edit a user's display name, primary email, secondary email, role, and alternate contact methods, as well as reset the user's password or disable the user. Users will also appear in the address book as they are added and will be available for direct calls and addition to other user's speed dial lists.

Updating Passwords

To update a user's password, select a user to edit, then select the “Reset Password” link. This will send an email from support@auralink.com to the user with a temporary password. Once the user logs in using the temporary password, they will be prompted to create a new, permanent password.

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