Getting Started with Auralink

Log in/Change Password
Activate your Virtual Meeting Room (VMR)
Install the Outlook Addin
Add people/resources to your speed dial
Making video calls

Log in/Change Password

You’ve likely received an email from that contains a link for logging into your account. Your username and assigned password are embedded in this link and selecting the link will take you to your Auralink home page.

Once you log in, you'll be automatically prompted to change your password. Simply enter your new password the same way in both fields and click Change Password.

Activate your Virtual Meeting Room (VMR)

While you are still on the My Account tab, create your VMR. The Host/Guest PINs and alias information will be used to create links to you VMR for various contact options. Host PINs must be a number between 4 and 20 digits long.

While the Guest PIN is blank by default, you may choose to include a Guest PIN, requiring guests to enter a PIN number prior to joining a call. If you include a Guest PIN, the PIN must include the same number of digits as the Host PIN.

To update/create PINs:

  1. Select Create My VMR
  2. Change Host PIN (if desired)
  3. Create Guest PIN (not required)
  4. Update PINs

Install the Outlook Addin

In the “My VMR” section you can use the “Get Outlook Addin to enable Auralink to create meetings and invitations within Outlook.

To install the Outlook Addin:

  1. Close Outlook (if open)
  2. Select Outlook Addin
  3. Open file
  4. Open the AuralinkAddinSetup file
  5. Install the addin
  6. Open Outlook
  7. Select the dropdown menu on the Auralink icon
  8. Select Account Credentials and add your Auralink username and password

You can now create Auralink meetings in Outlook and an invitation that will include links and connection options for participants.

Add people/resources to your speed dial

To facilitate easier calling, you can add contacts to your speed dial list from Address Book tab.

  1. Select the Address Book Tab
  2. Mark the people and resources for your speed dial list by selecting the + by the name
  3. Select the Home tab to review the contacts you’ve added

Making video calls

There are three different ways to start an Auralink call.

Call from Speed Dial/Address Book Call from Speed Dial/Address Book Invitation from within VMR

Call to My Meeting Room from Speed Dial List/Address Book

In this method, you are using the lists from your speed dial or address book to initiate a call in your VMR.

  1. Select one or more participants from your Speed Dial List or Address Book
  2. Click on Call to My Meeting Room

Active members (green/red dot) will receive a pop-up indicating you’ve invited them to meet now. Inactive members (gray dot) will receive and email requesting them to join your VMR.

Link from Outlook invitation

In this method, you are using the links in an Outlook invitation to enter your VMR.

  1. Follow the link from the Outlook invitation
  2. If not entering via your desktop browser (video endpoint, phone, Skype/Lync) use the appropriate optional contact methods

Invite participant from within your VMR

In this example, you’ve already entered your VMR and are a host.

  1. Select the Meeting Options (hamburger)
  2. Select Add New Participant
  3. Fill in the Enter address to dial field
  4. Select the protocol (Auralink, H.323, Lync/Skype, RTMP or SIP)
  5. Choose role – host or guest
  6. Click OK

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