Auralink Support: Manage Contacts

On the Manage Contacts page, you can add, edit, and remove contacts. These contacts will appear in your address book and can be added to your speed dial list. There are two types of contacts: personal and global. Global contacts can be seen by everyone within your organization, while personal contacts are only visible to you. You can create, edit, and remove your own personal contacts, but only administrators can manage global contacts.

Adding a new personal contact

  1. Select the “+ New Personal Contact” link
  2. Enter a display name – this only appears in your Address Book and/or Speed Dial
  3. Enter a primary email address – this is the email where requests to join active meetings will be sent
  4. + to add a contact method
  5. Save changes

Personal contacts are added to your address book. You can call them from the address book by checking the box in-line with the name and selecting the “Call to My Meeting Room” link.

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