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In this section you can set/edit your PINs and get the Outlook addin. (See Using the Outlook Addin)

The Host and Guest PINs will be set up when you create your VMR, but you may edit the PINs at any time. Host and guest PIN numbers must be the same length and between 4 and 20 digits long. You may elect to not require a guest PIN – simply clear the guest PIN field and select “update PINs”. If you include guest pin, guests will be asked to enter the PIN to enter your meeting room. If you do not include a guest PIN, guests will not need to enter a PIN to connect to the meeting. Guests to your VMR remain in the entry area of your VMR until the host starts the meeting.

Description of fields:
Web Alias – name used in the URL of your VMR (pre-populated)
Skype/Lync Alias – address for reaching your VMR via Skype/Lync (pre-populated)
Phone Alias – extension to access your VMR for phone participants (pre-populated)
Legacy Alias – address for reaching your VMR from room systems (pre-populated)
Host PIN – required, number from 4-20 digits
Guest PIN – optional, number from 4-20 digits (must be the same number of digits as Host PIN)

Using the Outlook Addin

In the “My VMR” section you can use the “Get Outlook Addin to enable Auralink to create meetings and invitations within Outlook.

To add the Outlook Addin:

  1. Close Outlook (if open)
  2. Select Outlook Addin
  3. Open file
  4. Open the AuralinkAddinSetup file
  5. Install the addin
  6. Open Outlook
  7. Select the dropdown menu on the Auralink icon
  8. Select Account Credentials and add your Auralink username and password

You can now create Auralink meetings in Outlook and an invitation that will include links and connection options for participants.

User Information

In this section you can edit your primary and secondary email addresses. The email address is where notifications to join an active Auralink call will be sent (someone invites you to an Auralink call). The secondary email address is a convenience to send notifications to another email account; it is not required.

You will need to enter your Auralink password to change your email address.

Change Password

You will likely want to change your password from the one sent to initiate your account to one that you can remember and may change subsequent passwords as desired.

  1. Enter your old password in the old password field. (Note: if you have not changed your password previously, your old password is the password provided in your welcome email.)
  2. Enter your new password
  3. Re-type your new password and select change password

Contact Methods

You may select additional contact methods for your name in the Address Book/Speed dial. The default contact method is via Auralink and additional contact methods are optional.

To add a new contact method, click the plus sign to add a new line, then select your protocol and address. (The address format will differ depending on the protocol you select.) You can change the order of preference by clicking the up/down arrows. The item at the top of the list will be the default when other users invite you to their room. When you are finished, click the "Save Call Methods" button.

Please note that once you have defined multiple contact methods, other users can freely choose which method to use when inviting you into a conference room.

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