Auralink Support: Room Controls

Adding a New Participant

In this example, you’ve already entered your VMR and are a host.

  1. Select the Meeting Options (hamburger)
  2. Select Add New Participant
  3. Fill in the Enter address to dial field
  4. Select the protocol (Auralink, H.323, Lync/Skype, RTMP or SIP)
  5. Choose role – host or guest
  6. Select OK

Lock Conference

Locking the conference prevents additional guests from entering the conference. If a conference is locked and a guest tries to connect the conference the host(s) will receive an on-screen message and audio message for each participant attempting to join.

Mute All Guests

Selecting this option mutes all guest and adds a mute icon to the conference avatar. Other hosts are not muted.

Disconnect All Participants

This selection will disconnect all parties, including yourself, effectively ending the call.

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